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A podcast providing biblical solutions for the problems people face. This podcast is a resource from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. For more information about ACBC visit

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August 28, 2023 00:16:52
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TIL 429: The Heart Behind Control (feat. Daniel Schubert)

1. Understanding the heart behind control 2. How control manifests itself in actions, attitudes, and words. 3. The consequences of control. Click here for...



August 21, 2023 00:16:16
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TIL 428: Directing a Counseling Ministry (feat. Ernie Baker)

1. The importance of establishing policies and procedures for a counseling ministry. 2. The relationship between ministry staff and the counseling ministry of the...



August 14, 2023 00:16:45
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TIL 427: Best Practices in Virtual Biblical Counseling (feat. Josh Weidmann)

1. Unique aspects of counseling virtually. 2. Thinking biblically about technology and virtual counseling.  3. Common pitfalls and best practices for virtual counseling. Click...



August 07, 2023 00:23:25
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TIL 426: Counseling from Prophetic Passages (feat. Omri Miles)

1. Why you should counsel from prophetic passages. 2. Utilizing prophetic passages in counseling.   Click here for more information about ACBC's Foundations High School...



July 31, 2023 00:31:29
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TIL 425: The Sufficiency of Scripture (feat. Abner Chou)

  Register for our 2023 Annual Conference here.   Find this podcast transcription here. 



July 24, 2023 00:18:51
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TIL 424: How to Counsel the Dying (feat. Tim Pasma)

1. Wisdom for counseling those who are dying.  2. How to counsel when death is imminent.  3. Giving hope to those that are dying. ...

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