TIL 428: Directing a Counseling Ministry (feat. Ernie Baker)

Episode 428 August 21, 2023 00:16:16
TIL 428: Directing a Counseling Ministry (feat. Ernie Baker)
Truth in Love
TIL 428: Directing a Counseling Ministry (feat. Ernie Baker)

Aug 21 2023 | 00:16:16


Show Notes

1. The importance of establishing policies and procedures for a counseling ministry.

2. The relationship between ministry staff and the counseling ministry of the church. 

3. Counseling policies and procedures in smaller church ministries. 

Click here to review the FBC Jax Policy and Procedures.

FBC Jax has graciously shared their policy manual for informational purposes. 

Before using any of their policies or forms, review the items

with a lawyer familiar with your state, city, or county ordinances.

Please do not contact FBC Jax for the attached forms

Click here for more information about ACBC's training events here.

Find this podcast transcription here. 

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