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A podcast providing biblical solutions for the problems people face. This podcast is a resource from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. For more information about ACBC visit

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June 17, 2024 00:16:47
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TIL 470: Redeeming Sex in Marriage (feat. Scott Mehl)

1. Reason for writing the book 2. Recentering around theological realities concerning sex 3. Remembering the hope we have in this broken world concerning...



June 10, 2024 00:28:24
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TIL 469: Purifying the Conscience (feat. Stephen Yuille)

1. Purifying and cleansing the conscience 2. Preparing, applying, reforming, avoiding impediments, employing preservatives 3. Probing the conscience in the counseling room 4. Pealing...



June 03, 2024 00:26:16
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TIL 468: God's Arbitrator (feat. Stephen Yuille)

1. Why should we think about the conscience and what is it? 2. Why is there such ambiguity in thinking about the conscience? 3....



May 27, 2024 00:23:38
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TIL 467: Schizophrenic Unicorn Part 2 (feat. Daniel Berger)

1. Describing the Construct of Schizophrenia 2. Determining the biological factors 3. Deep Sleep, Scripture, and Psychosis 4. Danger of Schizophrenic language/labels Click here...



May 20, 2024 00:18:25
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TIL 466: Schizophrenic Unicorn Part 1 (feat. Daniel Berger)

1. Definition of Schizophrenia and Psychosis 2. Description Schizophrenia's etiological pursuit 3. Debunking Schizophrenia as biological Click here to find Daniel's book, Schizophrenic Unicorn....



May 13, 2024 00:42:23
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TIL 465: Bad Therapy (feat. Sam Stephens)

1. Initial Perception of Bad Therapy 2. Introductioin and Purpose of Bad Therapy 3. Interacting with Cobelligerents 4. Identifying the problems of the times...