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A podcast providing biblical solutions for the problems people face. This podcast is a resource from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. For more information about ACBC visit

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June 05, 2023 00:15:34
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TIL 417: Giving Hope in Counseling (feat. Lance Quinn)

1. Difference between worldly hope and biblical hope. 2. The importance of giving hope in counseling. 3. Christian hope and its relationship to suffering....



May 29, 2023 00:33:31
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TIL 416: An Evaluation of the Sexual Identity Construct Part 2 (feat. Seth Leeman)

1. An evaluation of Christian writers and their use of the sexual identity construct. 2. A biblical view of sexuality  3. Counseling and the...



May 22, 2023 00:31:53
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TIL 415: An Evaluation of the Sexual Identity Construct Part 1 (feat. Seth Leeman)

1. The dangers of the modern sexual identity construct.  2. A biblical evaluation of the sexual identity construct.  3. A brief history of the...



May 15, 2023 00:28:40
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TIL 414: Biblical Discernment, Neuroscience, and Trauma (feat. Dr. Erik Everhart and Ernie Baker)

1. An evaluation of The Body Keeps Score from a medical perspective. 2. Common misnomers and misconceptions surrounding neuroscience and research. 3. An evaluation...



May 08, 2023 00:24:00
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TIL 413: Engaging Trauma Biblically (feat. Ernie Baker)

1. How the bible approaches the issue of trauma. 2. Examples of how to counsel biblically in the aftermath of traumatic events. 3. Encouragement...



May 01, 2023 00:30:52
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TIL 412: Discerning Trauma-Informed Therapy (feat. Ernie Baker)

1. An overview of trauma-informed therapy 2. Evaluating the system of trauma-informed counseling Click here to find the previous resources produced for Mental Health...

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